nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty

Nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty, due to changes and procedures, is one of the most common risk of a nose surgery, which is faded after a while. If obstruction continue, it can be serious and problematic, and you should refer to a doctor.
Nasal mucus membrane reacts by swelling and inflammation due to the procedures that are done on the nose, this inflammation blocks airways and results in obstruction. When swelling and inflammation removes, breathing problems and congestion will be removed.
In addition to swelling, clotting can result in nasal obstruction and breathing problem.
In closed rhinoplasty, less changes and procedures done on the nose, so, risk of nasal obstruction will reduce minimally. By considering some points and care, you can help to speed process of improvement and remove inflammation and obstruction:
Moistening the nose
Using medication to remove nasal obstruction

Causes and treatment of nasal dryness after rhinoplasty
Dry nose, is common after surgery. To remove nasal dryness, surgeons prescribe use of saline spray, using a moisture device, ointments Vaseline or sauna. This problem can be irritating, then you should inform your doctor.

nasal obstruction after rhinoplasty

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