Botox is a special medication that injects into the special muscles and removes creases. Botox, is a non- surgical procedure that reduces or removes frown line between eyebrows, creases on the forehead and around the eyes and neck. Botulinum toxin also is an effective procedure to treat headache and hyperhidrosis.
Botox was introduced at 2002 for the first time and botulinum toxin is a temporary treatment of frown line and creases between eyebrows. This injection has real and noticeable result and doesn’t have recovery time.
Injection is directly injected into the muscles by a plastic surgeon, is a simple and non-surgical procedure, and reduces activities of the frown muscles that are main factor of creases of the face.
Botox, treats those line and creases that create due to the muscles activities. All muscles don’t response to injection. Some facial muscles have important function and lack of movement can lead to functional problems or unsuitable appearance.
After injection, you look apathetic. But, if this injection does by a skilled plastic surgeon, this problem won’t occur. This point shows importance of choosing plastic surgeon to inject Botox.

Important information
Before injection, patients should avoid to use aspirin 10 days before injection. Effect of Botox is temporary and lasts for 4- 6 months.
Details of Botox injection
Botox is a simple procedure. Dr. Nadafkermani first considers his patients and wants patients to frown, or lift their eyebrows. Injection is done by a tiny needle according to your facial anatomy and lasts 5 minutes. Patients return to their routine work immediately after injection.

Botox recovery

It’s recommended for patients not to lie own and do heavy activities. Effects of Botox is seen 24 hours or 4 days after injection. After injection, muscles contraction become hard. If you have deep creases on your skin, it lasts 4 weeks that skin becomes loose.

Botox is injected into the different areas such as:

  • Between eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • Creased around the eyes
  • Lines on neck
  • Treatment of hidrosis on hands and armpits
  • Hallow of chin
  • Lines around mouth

Possible risks and problems

There is low risk and complication after injection. The most common condition that patients may experience is that, Botox works so well and lead to removing muscles activity. Some patients complain about feeling heaviness on their forehead. These patients use to frown or lift thyeir eyebrow, and when can not do this, feel heaviness and irritation. Doctors try to reduce such risk as possible.

Botox rarely affect on adjacent muscles and then results in dying muscles activity on other areas, such as upper eyelid sagging. This problem can occur due to Botox injection between eyebrows. This problem can treat and remove by eye drops.

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