Breast lift

Breast lift

Overwighting, heavy activities or genetics, may results in breast ptosis. Breast lift or mastopexy, is a procedure which is done to treat the problems related to the sagging and breast ptosis. Breast lift, aims to shape the breasts.

The breast can enlarge and lift, simultaneously. In specific cases, breast lift and prosthesis are done to reach/ gain a better appearance. This is a difficult and skilled surgery.

Dr. Nadaf, has considerable experience in this field and can diagnose, which type of breast prosthesis is suitable for you.

Breast lift procedure

Breasts can be fallen due to aging, weight loss, pregnancy or lactation. These factors cause that, the breast losses its mass and becomes small. This situation is seen in aboved age or when the skin lost its flexibility.

In addition to lifting the breast, mastopexy has another benefits such as:

  • Rounding the shape of the breast
  • Lifting the nipple
  • Reducing size of areola

Doing breast lift with breast prosthesis can improve the problem. This combined surgery, aims to:

  • Fill the breast
  • Round the shape of breast
  • Lift the nipple of the breast and dark skin of around the nipple
  • Reduce size of areola


It should be consider that:

  • Breast prosthesis, can somewhat lift the breast, but can not treat/ remove the severe breast ptosis.
  • Some surgeons, use large prosthesis to remove the breast ptosis, instead of using the breast lift and prosthesis. This surgery has weak result and the patients are not satisfy.
  • Nadaf considers the amount of breast ptosis, and diagnoses that the breast prosthesis should done alone with breast lift.

The best candidate for performing breast lift and breast prosthesis, are those who:

  • Want to increase the breast size and lift them
  • Need breast prosthesis, but has severe breast ptosis and both procedure should be done
  • Have size changes due to performing overweight surgery or weight loss

These candidates should have the following conditions:

  • The patients should be health.
  • Stop smoking 2 weeks before the surgery
  • Pregnant women should wait 4-8 weeks after the lactation, the exact size should determine.
  • The patients should have reasonable expectation of the result.

This procedure depends on the level of breast ptosis. Low ptosis needs less incisions and vice versa.

Peri areolar are hidden along the areola, between the dark and bright skin

Direct/ vertical incision begins under the areola and prolongs up to the chest.

After the surgery

  • you should rest at home
  • avoid doing light activities such as studying or watching TV.
  • You may have pain 3-7 days after the surgery, so doctor prescribes drugs.
  • Breasts have swelling 1-3 weeks after the surgery.
  • You can back work 5-7 days after the surgery
  • You can do light activities 1-2 weeks later, and heavy activities 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

Dr. Nadaf visits you 1 week after the surgery to consider the scars and incisions.


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