Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin augmentation


Some individuals are concern about their facial appearance. Some of them have small or recessed chin. Chin augmentation surgery or chin implant, is a surgical procedure that removes these problems. Chin augmentation, creates the balance and harmony between chin and other facial features.

Chin augmentation procedure

Chin augmentation surgery, enforces the chin structure. This surgery changes the size of chin to improve its features and makes the chin wide, large or more prominent to add harmony and balance to the facial features.

Benefits of chin augmentation surgery are as following:

  • Increasing the prominent of chin
  • Increasing the chin width
  • Hiding the jowl
  • Removing or reducing chin muscle
  • Improving harmony and balance between chin and other facial features

chin augmentation surgeryWho are the best candidate?

Those who think that have small chin, or even think that don’t have chin, are the best candidates of chin augmentation surgery, and also those who have:

  • Recessed chin
  • Thin and narrow chin
  • Short thin
  • Continual contraction of chin muscles

Before chin augmentation surgery, patients should think about the amount of changes they want. This surgery has considerable effects on your appearance. During consultation, Dr. Nadaf analysis your face to consider the amount of needed changes.

To place the chin implant, surgeons create external incisions in lower lip, or external incisions on chin skin.

Chin augmentation is done in a different way for men and women. For example, men should have big chin. Other procedure van be done with this surgery, such as:

  • Neck liposuction
  • Neck lift
  • Face lift

So, the best surgeon consider all options and then performs the surgery to have the best result.  Because this surgery, bolds the neck. In this way, external incisions are created.

Chin augmentation recovery

The patients should:

  • Rest at home and avoid doing heavy activities.
  • Use soft food and soup.
  • Use some pillows while sleeping, that help to reduce the swelling.

There is risk of numbness in lower lip and chin for a few weeks. Due to tightening the upper lip, patients may have difficulty in speaking.

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