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The aim of this article is to consider, who are facelift candidates?

Due to aging, 2 main materials of collagen and elastin will be decreased in the skin and results in sagging skin. In fact, sagging and creases are signs of aging and person seems moody and reduces beauty and attraction.

Due to loosing elastin and collagen, skin also loses its flexibility, then lines and creases will be appeared and skin is sagged. All these mentioned can be removed by facelift surgery. In this surgery, incisions are created to lift the skin and creases and lines is disappeared.

The method which is used depends on rate of the sagging. Slight sagging, need no incisions and surgeons use thread to lift the skin. Those who seek this surgery, should consider weather they are good candidates or not.

In general, good candidates for a facelift include:

  • Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that impair healing
  • Nonsmokers
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations

facelift candidatesThe best facelift candidates have realistic expectations and are willing and able to follow the pre- and post-operative instructions provided by their plastic surgeons. After a one-on-one consultation, the doctor can advise a patient as to whether he or she is a good candidate for a facelift, or whether an alternate procedure might be preferable.

Factors such as skin elasticity, strong bone structure, realistic expectations, good overall health are the most important factors in this surgery.

Before surgery, doing some tests is necessary. After that, surgeon can determine good facelift candidates.

Patients should be enough healthy, and have no special problem or disease.

Those who are between 40 to 60, and suffer from sagging are best candidates, if having no special problem and are healthy. Sagging seems your appearance tired, so, both men and women wan to remove their problem and be more youthful and attractive.

Keep in mind that, you should have real expectation from result of the surgery.

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