fleshy nose surgery

In fleshy nose surgery, procedures are done on tissue of the bone and cartilage, without any procedures on the skin. The outcome of this surgery will be as a natural nose surgery, because alas are wide and thick, don’t show the changes well, and don’t have strong cartilage.

Fleshy nose surgery has high risk and need specific techniques to strength of the cartilage and better formation of the nose.

Fleshy nose features

Fleshy noses have thick skin, with weak cartilage, wide and thick appearance Droopy can be seen in this type of nose. Patients with this type of nose, complain about the thick ala, big nose, wide tip and thick skin, which affect on their facial and nasal appearance.

Types of fleshy nose

Fleshy noses divide into 2 types:

  • Fleshy noses with low faat gland (with bright and thick skin)
  • Fleshy noses with big fat glands

Outcome of fleshy nose surgery

Patients who have fleshy nose, should have realistic expectation about outcome of this surgery. they can not have a fantasy or sharp nasal tip after surgery. If cartilage becomes more strong and strengthed, the best and ideal outcome will be reached.

fleshy nose surgery


  • It’s better to decrease using the sugary food
  • If a person has rash or acne, it’s better to consult with a doctor to remove the skin inflammation
  • The person with fleshy nose, should use tape for a long time to reduce the swelling.

Post op care of fleshy nose surgery

Cosmetic nose surgery needs more care such as other cosmetic surgeries. Some points should be regarded as following:

  • The patient should rest after surgery and use liquids for the first 3 days
  • Dr. Nadaf, recommends that, the patient should use cold compress for the first 2 days, to reduce the swelling and bruise
  • The patient should use prescript drugs
  • The patient should sit in mid- sitting situation and use 2 pillows while sleeping

Dr. Nadaf recommends that

  • The patient should rest for 1 week.
  • The patient should avoid exercising or lifting heavy things
  • The patient should not use the solid food which need chewing
  • Plasma and leakage should become dries with a napkin
  • The patient should brush his teeth with a soft toothbrush
  • Using sunglasses after passing 2 months
  • Laughing, doing more activities and crying should be avoided for the first 2 weeks
  • Sneeze with open mouth
  • The patient should not exposure to heat and sunshine, may lead to swelling and cause problems
  • Swimming should be avoided for 2 months
  • Smoking should be avoided for 2 months, smoking cause coagulation problems and disorders in improving the scars and may lead to necrosis and nasal damage
  • It’s better to use NACL serum to wash the nose
  • Strike cause the deformation
  • The patient should use corrective ointment to improve the sutures

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