breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, to enlarge size of the breast and also removes asymmetric form of the breasts. Sometimes this surgery helps to lift breasts. In this surgery, surgeons put implants under soft tissue of the breast and fill it with saline or silicone. Breast augmentation can be done with a breast lift surgery, simultaneously.

Who are good candidates of breast augmentation?

  • If you want to have enlarge breast
  • If you don’t have symmetric breast
  • If you have loose breast due to pregnancy, weight loss or overweight
  • If you have sagging breast due to aging or weight loss

Patients who seek to perform breast augmentation, should consider following cares:

  • Should have general and physical health. Dr. Nadaf assesses your health before surgery.
  • Should give up smoking 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Women who have lactation, should wait 4- 8 weeks after this period.
  • Patients should have real and reasonable expectations.

breast augmentationSaline and silicone implants

Saline implants fill by liquid or serum and need small and tiny incisions and also is less expensive.

Silicone implants consists of silicone gel and seems more natural, and need large incisions.

Each implant has its own benefits. You should consider all individual factors and consult with your surgeon. These implants can remain for 10 to 20 years.

How to choose size of breast implants?
During consultation, Dr. Nadaf measures size of your breast and chooses the best implants. But final decision is made by patients, this is a personal decision. Examining before and after photos, and different sizes of implants helps you to choose your desirable size and implants.
Such as other surgeries, breast augmentation remains scars. Surgeons put incisions on folds under the breast to hide them.
There are other options to put breast implants, such as:
–    Transaxillary: incisions on armpit
–    Periareolar: incisions on lower edge of the areola (the dark skin that encircles the nipple)
–    There is no need to create extra incisions if breast augmentation done with breast lift.
Breast augmentation recovery
Patients should:
–    Rest at home and do activities such as watching TV or studying.
–    Visit their surgeon to remove sutures.
–    Avoid to do heavy activities 4- 6 weeks after surgery.
Some patients may feel obstruction or pain on their breast for 1 or 2 weeks, which reliefs by using drugs. Your doctors also learns you correct way of breast massaging. During first weeks, your breast seems more up or more artificial, but this is so common and removes 3- 6 months after surgery.

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