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lipomatic & pregnancy | lipomatic | pregnancy after lipomatic

Lipomatic & pregnancy

One of the most common question is that, is there possibility of pregnancy after lipomatic?

Does lipomatic affect on pregnancy?

Dr. Nadafkermani answers, lipomatic never affects on pregnancy.

Lipomatic, is one of the new approaches that is used today for slimming, which is not comparable to other methods. Lipomatic is performed under local anesthesia and does not require general anesthesia. Therefore, after any lipomatics, no anesthetic complications are observed. Another advantage of this method is that, no sagging and drooping is seen on the skin.

Lipomatic & pregnancy

pregnancy after lipomatic

Are lipoproteins and pregnancy conflicting?

One of the concerns of people who want to do lipomatic, is that they can not get pregnant in the future, if this concern is completely unnecessary and, as it was said, there is no disruption for pregnancy.

Some people assume that after emptying the abdominal fat, they lose their elasticity and become difficult during pregnancy, which is a misconception. It should be noted that the lipomatic has ability to lift the skin, which is why after which the skin does not fall down and does not hang, but this does not mean that the skin loses its elasticity.

The person who has done lipomatic, can easily be pregnant afterwards and there are no problems with pregnancy. In the lipomatic surgery, no long cutting is done on the skin, but through the cannula’s very fine fissure into the skin. However, it is recommended that women who intend to breastfeed do not hurry to the lipstick and do this after giving birth, because after the pregnancy, the skin becomes slightly dull and hangs.

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