Lipomatic, liposuction and abdominoplasty are the most common surgeries around the world, due to more attentions of people to their beauty and body. Most of the time and after doing heavy exercises and severe diet, when patients don’t reach their desired result, seek the surgical procedures.
Lipomatic, is a new surgical procedure to be thin. Advantages of surgery are as follows:
– Safe, effective and easy
– Shorter operative time
– Rapid recovery
– Minimal risks and complications

Important consideration before liposuction

– Those who perform liposuction, should not have high blood pressure
– The amount of glucose and diabetes should be controlled
– Risk of cardiovascular disease should be considered
– Patients should be healthy
– If you have performed abdominoplasty, inform your surgeon
– Any blood test is needed
– Pregnancy test should be done

Lipomatic procedure

Lipomatic is done under local anesthesia. Plastic surgeons create incisions in length of 2- 6 mm on selected area. Canola tube enters inside the fat tissues and destroyed them by rotational movement and its vibration. These movements enter no damages to patients vessels.
After surgery, patients feel their changes and weight loss, soon. Removed fat can be used to clean up or bulk of the parts such as, lips, cheeks and hands.

Lipomatic on abdomen
Exercise has fewer effect on abdomen and sides. Abdomen lipomatic removes the excess fat of this area. Most of the time, this surgery is done with sides lipomatic, simultaneously, to reach better result and beautiful body.

Possible risks of lipomatic

Such as other surgeries, lipomatic have risks and complications. Such as:
– Some patients may have little bruising or bleeding, which faded few days after surgery. This problem always seen in those who use aspirin before surgery. So, surgeons recommend to avoid using such drugs and medications 2 weeks before surgery.
– Sensitivity to lidocaine may cause itching or burning.
– There is less risk of infection.

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