lipomatic preparation

It’s necessary to consider some paints before lipomatic surgery, and also knowing lipomatic preparation is as your beneficial.
A plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Majid Nadafkermani, give you necessary and important view of this surgery in consultation sessions. Amount of the fat is considered in this sessions. If surgeon can not remove all fat mass due to high amount of this, gives you chance of reducing masses as possible. So, this is reason of losing weight in some patients.
Obese people don’t response to lipomatic well. So, Dr. Nadaf first determine your weight and then specify a diet, if necessary. Before surgery, your surgeon presents all related and necessary explanation, and you can ask your questions and ambiguities.

lipomatic preparation

Preparation before surgery

– Don’t drink too much water night before surgery
– Try to eat a mild meal, the night before surgery. It’s better to keep your stomach empty.
– Stop use of aspirin, 2 weeks before surgery.
– Avoid smoking and alcohol before surgery.
– Stop use of vitamins.
Considering all mentioned points, prevent any blood and its coagulation problems, and help to have a comfortable surgery. All of these, directly affect on result of surgery. If you are over-weight and obese, try to gain a balanced weight by a healthy and proper diet.

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