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nasal repair | revision rhinoplasty | aims of nasal repair

nasal repair

Nasal repair is performed in people who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their initial nose surgery. Some people, without a bug in their nose after a surgical procedure or have a nasal congestion, decide to repair their nose and want to nose too small, do not recommend repair nose surgery. Because over-projection can cause irreparable complications, such as breathing difficulty.

The candidate for nasal repair

People who want to do this surgery should have a logical and realistic description of their nose conditions, as well as having mental and psychological stability, some people have obsessive compulsive disorder, and without having a nasal form, they assume that the nose It is not a good idea to evaluate the candidate, to repair the nose, all of the above is important and surely the person must have mental-psychological stability.

nasal repair

aims of nasal repair

Aims of this surgery

Maintaining respiratory function in nasal surgery is very important, the changes made to the nose should not be such that the person has the slightest respiratory problem after surgery, the nasal holes should not be very low in any way, or the arches in The nose is high and abnormal, all of which makes it difficult for the patient to breathe after surgery, and the nose should not be too thin and thin. Respiratory disorders that occur after surgery are one of the most important factors that make a person decide on a nasal healing surgery.

The form that develops after nose surgery should be very ideal. No deviation in the nose should not be seen. All of these factors cause the person to have no effect on the outcome of his nose surgery. He is not satisfied with the decision to repair his nose.


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