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best plastic surgeon in Iran

Contrary to the notion of individuals, cosmetic nose surgery and plastic surgery are not the same. A significant number of plastic surgeons focus their attention on cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Nadafkermani, best plastic surgeon in Iran says: The main goal of plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of the person and help the beauty of the face and limbs. This surgery can be performed in all parts of the body, including face, head and neck. Plastic surgeons also eliminate congenital defects and defects caused by accidents such as burns to the individual.

Types of plastic surgeries

  1. Breast surgery

This surgery is done with the aim of increasing or decreasing volume of the breast, including:

  1. Nose surgery (rhinoplasty, nose job)

Nose surgeries are one of the surgeries performed by the plastic surgeon. It can be said that, choosing the best nose surgeon, is first and the most important point to be considered before surgery. Surgeons with the necessary knowledge and expertise can best optimize your nose. To choose a nose surgeon, you need to see his portfolio and, if you want to go to his office, consult with him by setting up an appointment for nose surgery. The nose surgeon with your examination will determine your nose and will talk about your type of surgery and the outcome of your nose surgery.

  1. Facial rejuvenation

Chin augmentation, facelift, gel injection and Botox which improve appearance of the face or other parts of the body.

  1. Lipomatic

Lipomatic, is a topical method that utilizes this method to remove lipids that are accumulated in certain areas of the body using a special device equipped with the most advanced technology. The extracted fats are usable in other surgeries, such as fat-in-breast administration. Lipomatic types include:

  • Abdomen lipomatic
  • Arm lipomatic
  • Buttocks Lipomatic
  • Tight lipomatic
  1. Abdominoplasty

Sagging skin of the abdomen usually occurs after weight loss or childbirth. But when the fat causes a large abdominal swelling, abdominal surgery should be done to eliminate the fat and remove it so that it creates a gap in the abdomen. Under the abdomen, excess fat is removed from the abdomen. After the fat is removed, steps are taken to prevent the skin from slipping and loosening.

To choose the best plastic surgeon, consider following tips:

  • Surgeon should be enough expert and have related knowledge
  • Surgeon should provide enough information for you.
  • Surgeon should be honest, and tell you, are you the best candidate or not.

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